Apr 22, 2014

Plans for the ex-garage- family room to be

Now that Easter is over, we can all get back to business, right?!! I told you in the previous post that I made some small changes to the living room, I hung new window treatments and the old ones got moved to the former garage. Why am I calling it this way? Well, because we initially planned to have a garage, and after we build the house we decided we didn't really need one, installed three-panel windows and transformed into a room. Now, after a year of using the space as a place to-dry-clothes-in and after putting up drapes and sheers, I began looking at the room differently, it became a ROOM in desperate need of furniture. My budget for this room is... nada-zero-yo-no-tengo-dinero, so, as I am so inspired and , well, smart (!!!!:)))) I came up with a solution: borrow furniture!! I convinced hubby and send him to his parents' house to take some old pieces of furniture they no longer needed, gave them a good cleaning, styled it with some things I had lying around the house, and now, I am pretty sure these pieces are here to stay and my in-laws won't be receiving them back!:))

The plan is to change these two pieces and transform them into a long credenza, keep the doors and have a carpenter make a black credenza and attach the doors. I think the black will complement the cognac colours of the doors beautifully. I am thinking of introducing some drawers in the middle, maybe. I have a vision, I will let you know in another post about it!:) Black wood, detailed cognac doors and a metal base, this is my vision!!
Next to this "credenza", on the left, there is my monster wall-to-wall dresser with three sliding doors, of which the middle one is mirrored, and I love it because it literally doubles the room!!

Reflected in the mirror you can finally see the colour of the drapes, it is blush taffeta and the sheers are gold, they don't allow much light in the room, but that is ok, because the windows are huge! The entire room is big, and I have to find a really long sofa, I think I want a sofa for this room, not a sectional. A sofa and an armchair and a chair, maybe...still a lot to figure out!:) 
Here is my old sofa, we bought this tiny thing when we first moved into our apartments, as newlyweds, and we had to settle on such a tiny sofa because of the lack of space. Now, in such a big room, it seems even smaller! It opens into a bed, or, to be honest, it opened, cause now it is broken, but that's no problem, we need it as a sofa, not as a bed! The cover is old, therefore I used the duvet from my bedroom to hide it, and I think it looks cute with my new zebra pillows, don't  you think?!:)

This is part of the plans I have for this room, I shall call it the FAMILY ROOM, because ex-garage is so blah!:) In the next posts I shall be sharing lighting choices, fabrics and rugs! Follow along if you like, I will be happy if you do!


Apr 17, 2014

Return to the beginning

Hello, there, friends!!
There are just a few days till Easter, and instead of finishing my cleaning and planning meals, I am blogging and re-watching Grey's Anatomy episodes... I tell you, I am learning their lines!!:)) Decor-related I have already changed the window treatments in the living room, and I couldn't be happier, I am slowly coming back to my initial mood board!! With no budget at all, I can only plan for now. Looking at this mood board, I can see I need some more stuff:

The armchairs and the coffee table have already been painted black, and the look so much better, I have the grey sectional, the wall unit and the chandelier. For the past year I have had a grey Berber-style shag rug which I love, but now I dream of throwing in the pink. This one, I think:

...or this one..

I am going to pass on the cowhide, because my husband doesn't like the smell (???what???), and I still need a pink chair ...and I'm all set!! Also, I dream of finally buying a piece of marble to put on top of the coffee table... I keep procrastinating!!:)
What have I added to the original mood board? Well, a bench for this wall:

.....and a gallery wall too:

I am going to do this arrangement and the bench is going under it!!
I am planning to get some legs and diy a tufted bench in a deep green velvet,
 like the velvet in the armchairs:

It is proving impossible to capture the colour of the curtains, it's a deep green-hunter's green combo I just love, it feels so spring!!The amount of light that floods the room is amazing, my previous golden sheers were blocking all the light!!! I am so happy with the change!!

Here is the rug, which is great, and will be moved somewhere else, as soon as I buy the pink one!! It is going to look great, don't you think??
I am also needing a big plant on the right of the sectional and I have to decide whether to keep that big art above the sectional:
Here is it, together with the "old look"of the living room, blush drapes and all....

I'm excited!! Are you??