Oct 13, 2014

Chinese prints are in!!

Hello, there, how are you all??!
My Chinese prints have arrived and I love them a lot, except they are not as I saw on the site... bummer.. and I cannot change them, as they are out of stock! What's the problem, you ask? Well, the background is not the same and I want to hang them together, so I was planning to have the same background so they look more alike... as you can see, it is not the case. I am left with a dilemma, what to do? If they were on stock I would buy another one, to hang three of them, with either a grey or a white background, but this is not the case...they are OUT OF STOCK!!:((
I am thinking of painting the background for the cherry blossoms print a greyish green, with a touch of gold, cause that is how the other one looks...or just wait for the prints to be back on stock....

Here they are on the carpet in my living room.

...and here they are on the site.. better, right?

Also, I am planning to frame them in a thin simple gold frame, they will look way better, I hope. Here are some inspirational photos I love with chinoiserie prints framed, or even  framed wallpaper panels:

Inspirational pictures here.

What do you think my best solution is? Paint the white one or just wait for the prints to be back in stock? Also, my other dilemma is that the prints seem better as a group of three, and I only have two... any suggestions?
Do share!!


Oct 8, 2014

Ordering pillows...

I am still not over the decorating bug, and, although I am no decorator whatsoever, I can't stop changing things up in my mind or in real life... A year ago I had the housealmost fully decorated  and I stopped for a while, not looking for baskets, mirrors, art and the like, but secretly I still imagined all sorts of decors, pillows, rugs.... I think I am addicted..:)) With no budget at all, I can't stop ordering stuff, shhh, don't tell my husband!:) This time I pulled the trigger on some pillows:

...I have always wanted leaves on a pillow...

...this will go great with my diy bench and the Chinese prints I told you about here....

...this one's for, yes, you guessed it, my husband...

...and these...well, for the bedroom, maybe!:)

You can find more great stuff on Vivre.ro. Make. Me. Stop. Please.