May 29, 2014

Diy: Diamond tufted bench

Hello, is there anyone still here, hello, hello??!! I have been MIA for a while, this happened because... life moves so fast and after so many months of teaching at school and teaching at home.. I just got tired.. ..Now I am back and I want to show you what I have been up to: I made my own bench!! Yaaay!!
I have used the same technique for the diamond tufts as I did for the headboard here, and I hurt my fingers again...:) the pulling of the buttons is so difficult!! I used my toile fabric I score a couple of months ago from a store that brings their fabrics from Germany. The legs still need to be painted, I think I am going to not paint them, I will leave them nude. And guess what?! A month ago I ordered two pillow covers and look how beautiful they go with my bench!!

I love the depth of the tufts, the foam I used was 10 cm thick .

I love that both the toile fabric of the bench and the fabric in the pillows have a special sheen , 
it is almost like satin...

I still need something for under the bench, maybe some baskets, a magazine/book arrangement, and for above the initial plan was this:

This is going to be changed... too much blue and the arrangement is also too tall, I think... we'll see where my inspiration takes me... thoughts?


May 17, 2014

Outdoor Semmelrock pavement

Hi and happy Saturday!!
Things are (hopefully) getting warm around here,( if only it would stop raining), so I am turning my head over to the outside area, meaning our yard! We have a large lawn area, and we plan to keep it as is, so that the girl can run around and play, but our alleys are unfinished, they remained in concrete state since we moved. So, after buying some flowers and some lights (that are still not up- hubby-grrr) I found some interesting paving , here is what caught my eye, images are from the Semmelrock site:

..this is nice...

...this one is the antiqued version, I love it, it's what I want...

..a lighter version, although I tend to favour dark... this!!

..similar to the one I have on my terrace...


...something more minimal..

Images here

Have a great weekend!